NFMe Galaxy - consultancy and design lead Work

NFMe Galaxy was a cool EU based Tech-Start up that I worked with as design-lead on a B2B consultancy basis. This was a bridge web2-web3 app with a fully customisable SVG avatar as its cornerstone product. It was unique approach to a PFP project with a lot of potential as a scaleable creators market program. 
My role was to develop the initial character for NFMe Galaxy. The brief called for a cute, broadly appealing, modular and easily brand-identifiable character. On top of this we built a complex architecture consisting of multiple layers and masks for items and traits all customisable by colour by users. I was given creative free-range on the assets and produced over 1000 SVG items for the Avatar. I think rivalling some of the bigger PFP projects to date for choice - at least in the NFT space.
I also developed the images and animations in Rive for the Website and for use by the Marketing team.
Sadly due to downturns in the Web3 markets, investors pulled out and the project was abandoned prematurely and incomplete. Below are just a few characters I created in the app shortly before we closed it down - there is a randomise/shuffle itmes button which I think you would be able to hammer away at for a few billion years without getting a repeat permutation. 
Hit the link NFMeGalaxy and go give it a try. Perhaps make yourself a little pfp. If you do, I would love it if you tagged me and #NFMeGalaxy on the socials.
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All images are original and most are conjured up in my mind. Portraits and Wildlife sketches use references bent with the imagination. Images are copyright protected, some images are commissioned. Sharing is great but not  without consent and credit.