Some of the work I did for Buidl Guidl. These are images for the different coder types class levels conceived along a medieval theme. These were used as NFTs to raise funding and on merchandise as well as on the BuidlGuidl website. The images were made on Nifty.ink which is one of the most outstanding web3 sites for artists.  BuidlGuidl is a learn-by-doing academy for all devs  of all experience levels looking to boost their skills in Web3, build a portfolio and hook into a trusted and helpful community of coders working on the Ethereum Network. www.buidlguidl.com
Daniel Sheldon - Durban Based Artist / Illustrator / Animator / Designer / Creative
Contact for commissions and collaborations. 

All images are original and most are conjured up in my mind. Portraits and Wildlife sketches use references bent with the imagination. Images are copyright protected, some images are commissioned. Sharing is great but not  without consent and credit.